Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Now 8am premium tickets, ticket for cash on delivery facility

Premium immediate quota will reserve train tickets from 8am to 8 February . Railways have also changed their software . The trial will start in a day or two . Currently the quota of tickets are 10am . Under the scheme, the lower berth passengers will get on demand . Based on the feedback of railway passengers have the change . Another feature of the 200 cities under the IRCTC ticket booking facility is also introduced for cash on delivery .

According to railway officials , after yet more money to passengers belonging to a long line of premium tickets and had to take immediate quota . Considering the trouble of passengers booked premium immediate quota will be eight o'clock in the morning .

Premium trains Lower berth
Lower premiums on demand by railway trains have decided to give birth . Yet these trains did not demand provision of the lower berth . Many times people prefer premium trains could not get a berth . Given this, it is decided by the Railways.

50 per cent of the quota
50 per cent premium to the immediate quota seats have been reserved for immediate quota . The rent is dynamic in line with the airline . Decreases as the number of seats , goes on rent increases.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

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